Splitting Hairz

Evo Hair

Season One:

Product Profile

Volume = fat & happy


 products gorged with wheat protein and film formers to build body and texture. Recommended for All hair types, especially fine hair.

+Bride of gluttony shampoo/con.

supports styles, color safe, sulphate free cleansers have low foaming action to clean gently

+Root Canal

Adds volume and style support at the roots that builds body and texture

+Shape Vixen

A multi-purpose volumising lotion for adding body and style support, defining and holding curl or adding separation and texture.

+End Doctor

Apply to ends to help prevent split ends while smoothing the cuticle to manage frizz.

Maureen's 1st pick Of 2017:

+SHEBANG A BANG dry spray wax 

A styling spray with ultra-fine mist designed to create workable, pliable, texture with a satin finish.


spray into dry hair to enhance curl or add body. This sprayed at the root will give you loads of volume without the sticky finish of hairspray. Spray with head tipped upside down for maximum results. You should have a sexy "big hair" day!

2nd Pick of 2017

+Salty Dog Salt Spray

A sea-esque mist designed to give your hair salty, beach-based texture and a matte finish



Whatch this clip to learn how to get Your Bold look




Mist throughout damp hair and let air dry or hit with a diffuser on low with medium heat until %80 dry.  Never dry %100 with a blowdryer to maximize texture - Maureen Mae