Splitting Hairz



Director of photography, editING, AND sound  

Chicago Native Jason p. roberts aka. Bones is a man with many talents. He hAs been making his mark in the chicago music scene for over two decades, and currently a member of local band "forty foot flames".  While playing and writing music, a unique opportunity presented itself putting Bones behind a camera, and served to validate HIS LOVE AFFAIR WITH FILM. His talent quickly gained recognition and he found himself immersed in the film industry.  He is now director of photography and the audio engineer for a HIGHLY REGARDED BROADCASTING AND MEDIA NEWS PRODUCTION COMPANY. This opportunity taught him how to think fast, get creative, and move on the fly.  HIS journalistic approach USING run and gun camera work, and his eye for inventive b-roll, prepared him for the artistic projects to come. it was not dumb luck that we crossed paths, AND Bones just happened to be looking for a project such as this. in the first season, the format was similar to that of a talk show. That being said, the vision was always intended to be more complex. We had a good go at it, but with bones joining the tribe,  the water is fine.